Enterprise 2.0 as a corporate culture catalyst

Sempre sull’argomento reti sociali all’interno delle aziende c’è un interessante post su ZDNet:

Enterprise 2.0 as a corporate culture catalyst by ZDNet‘s Dion Hinchcliffe — I’ve only recently had a chance to catch up and read Tom Davenport’s post a few weeks ago about his skepticism of Enterprise 2.0’s ability to wreak significant cultural and hierarchical change inside organizations. Those of you tracking the Enterprise 2.0 story know the drill, namely that applying Web 2.0 tools and platforms inside organization may or may not — depending on who you are talking to — improve the way we collaborate, run our businesses, and even potentially tap major new veins of previously unexploitable worker productivity. I myself tend to be a bit biased because I’m very close to many uses of these technologies and their use in the field. And that’s shown me that if one trend stands out clearly above the fray, it’s that most organizations are rapidly embracing these tools today, either from the top-down or at a grassroots level, and often both.

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