I am a basketball addicted, an amateur photographer and an information technology worker.

Who am I?
Talking about yourself is really difficult, I don’t know where to begin, so I try with “100 things about me” method:

[work in progress 55/100]

  1. My name is Luca
  2. My surname is Zappa
  3. I was born in Erba, Italy, on November 25th, 1975 at 6:30 p.m.
  4. I’m a Sagittarius
  5. I’m currently working in Reply
  6. I don’t believe in horoscopes
  7. I live in Italy
  8. “Luke Hoe” is the english translation of my italian name :-)
  9. I studied computer engineering at Politecnico di Milano
  10. I am a software engineer
  11. I love internet
  12. I love basketball
  13. My favorite Italian basketball team is Cantù
  14. My favorite NBA team is Utah Jazz
  15. My favorite NCAA basketball team is Utah Utes
  16. My favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan
  17. I love dogs
  18. I play (bad) basketball, I am a guard
  19. My favorite soft drink is coke
  20. My favorite alcoholic drink is Mojito
  21. My car is a Volkswagen Polo Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  22. Sydney is the best city in the world
  23. I like travel books
  24. My preferred travel writer is Bill Bryson
  25. I love Lonely Planet travel guidebooks
  26. I’ve been on the internet since 1994
  27. I wrote my first email in September 1994 (to myself)
  28. My first browser was Netscape Navigator
  29. Now I’m using Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox and sometimes Internet Explorer Safari
  30. My first email address was lzappa@varano.ing.unico.it
  31. My greatest basketball moment is during the 1992 Korac Cup Final in Cantù when Pace Mannion scored four 3-points shots in a row
  32. My first flight was on July 1993, when I was 17. Four flights in a day (two Iberia and two Delta flights): Milan – Madrid – New York – Dallas – Las Vegas
  33. The cheapest flight I have ever bought is from Milan Bergamo to London Luton with Ryanair (two-way for only 2 €)
  34. My first computer was Commodore 64
  35. I wrote my first program in Basic
  36. I am an IT consultant
  37. I work in Milan
  38. My favorite programming language is Java
  39. My favorite Java editor is Eclipse
  40. Google is the best search engine
  41. My favorite tennis player is Andre Agassi
  42. I’m not related to Frank Zappa
  43. My first motorcycle was Honda Camino (terrible)
  44. I think that Grand Canyon (Arizona), Bryce Canyon (Utah) and Uluru (Australia) are fucking amazing
  45. The countries I have visited are Italy, Switzerland, French, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, USA, Germany, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Australia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Russia, Japan
  46. My nicknames are Luke, Frank, Onippaz, Tons, Sindaco, Zap2.0, Zaps
  47. My favorite food is polenta with cheese
  48. I think open source was, is and will be the wealth of the information technology
  49. I think I’ll never finish this list
  50. My first blog was powered by Blogger, now I’m using WordPress
  51. My digital camera is a Nikon Coolpix 4300 Casio EXILIM EX-Z1000 Canon EOS 500D
  52. My photo taken in Kakadu National Park (Australia) is been published in a book: “The Legend of the Dragon”
  53. I switched to a Mac in January 2008 and I fell in love with it
  54. My mobile phone is an Apple iPhone 2G Apple iPhone 3S Apple iPhone 5
  55. I also own an iPad, an iPad Mini and a Google Nexus 7