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80×15 Brilliant Button Maker

Today I have released a web application to create customizable “80×15 brilliant buttons”.
Click here to try the application.
The “80×15 brilliant buttons”, also known as “antipixel buttons”, are the very popular buttons especially used by bloggers, see below on the right in this page, others examples are:

The web interface creates “80×15 brilliant buttons” using Bill Zeller’s php script.
In addition to the original script you can decorate your button with two images (one on the left and the other on the right side) so you are able to create more sophisticated buttons.


Button Maker per creare brilliant buttons personalizzati

Button Maker è un comodo web tool per creare gli ormai famosi brilliant buttons 80×15 prevalentemente utilizzati nei blogs, li trovi anche in questa pagina in fondo a destra.

Interessante anche questo link “Steal These Buttons” dove puoi trovare una buona lista di brillant buttons già pronti, suddivisi per categoria, non resta che scaricarli e usarli!